Sales Skills

• Focus on the customer's needs
• Take control of time and targets

• Develop powerful insights

The sales teams we work with succeed. One team grew by 130%!


We offer two sales courses which can be taken separately or together.


Suitable for large and small businesses, reflecting your processes and particular challenges.

Sales Fundamentals

For those new to sales who need an understanding of a sales funnel, the steps in a sale as well as a passion for their product or service. (This can be bespoke to particular company’s processes and challenges).


Superstar Sales

Salespeople looking to increase insight, be revitalised and achieve targets.  Unearthing the pain points thoroughly and developing a dynamic customer value proposition. Learning the importance of persistence and the barriers that hold us back from calling the customer.


We provide 1-2-1 or company group courses.

The course takes a Blended approach

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