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Matthew Davies is a top London Coach with over 15 years experience and hundreds of clients.

He has worked with several Founders of multi- million pound tech startups as well as Leaders of large and small organisations to Managers and team members who want to gain clarity of any roadblocks to success from a confidence boost to effectively dealing with those in authority.

Matthew wants fast and effective results for his clients, empowering them to exceed their goals and thrive in the workplace.

Companies Matthew has worked with:
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A great introduction to coaching. Perfect for single issue problems
• Prep for a promotion
• Conflict resolution
• Stuck in a rut
Price includes:
3 x 40 mins sessions skype/phone
Basic MBTI Personality Test included


This is the most popular option
• Confident communication
• Influencing senior stake holders
• Self-awareness to build trust
Price includes:
3 x 55 mins sessions
In person/phone/skype
MBTI Personality Test included


coaching package
• Increase emotional intelligence
• MBTI Personality Test included
• Handle relationships effectively
Price includes:
5 x 55 mins sessions
In person/phone/skype
MBTI Personality Test included

Coaching works. In fact, as leaders climb their career ladder coaching becomes more and more critical to achieving success. When Usain Bolt won the Commonwealth Games did he ask his coaches to stand down…no, his team would be crucial for the Olympics. Inspired leaders know that having a confidant, a sense checker who doesn’t judge is vital to their success. Effective coaches challenge and being at the top it can be a lonely place, coaching allows leaders to gain clarity, increase credibility and heighten emotional intelligence. Do what your competitors are doing and hire a coach today.

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