Here Matthew Davies (the Founder and Senior Coach at Power the Change) explains his approach in more detail.


Could you tell me a little bit more about your approach?

You can buy a ton of books on all the subjects I coach on BUT knowing it and actually effectively executing it are two very different things. I’m interested in performance, not just training. If you just want a ‘tick in the box’ that you’ve attended a course then we’re not going to be the right fit for you. Power the Change is passionate about changing behaviour to change results.


The courses I have designed and deliver stand out because they confront any apprehension issues as well as the application.


Application - Understanding the processes to prepare and perform when making a presentation, how to navigate a successful negotiation or the processes to sell effectively.


Clients are guided through a comprehensive journey, which shows them a clear, user-friendly way to achieve their goals with lots of top tips, tools and techniques. The courses are practical. Clients don’t just sit there and are talked at; they do stuff from reworking content to the dreaded role-play. For those looking to improve their presentation skills, clients are given voice coaching.


Apprehension - Any concerns arising from conducting yourself in front of others.

People have many fears regarding business communication from being nervous, feeling judged or the fear of failing. We take your issues very seriously and have probably dealt with similar scenarios from previous clients.
The coaching is conducted with a light and whole heart, (fear hates fun!). We talk through your concerns and give you practical strategies to try out in the ‘real world’. The coaching is solution focused. I see my clients as an equal partnership, they have rich experience and are not stupid, just a bit stuck and together we work things through.


Who are your clients?

I work with professionals. They come from many different levels and industries from nutrition, the financial sector, creative, marketing, telecommunications, oil and gas and higher education.


Can you re-assure me you’re the real deal?


We are an Accredited Learning Provider from the Learning and Performance Institute. More info click here

Let my clients do the talking and read what they say about me in testimonials. Also please read my biog for more details. I belong to the Association of Coaching that ”is committed to maintaining excellent coaching practice.”
Click here to read more about the Code of Ethics and Good Coaching Practice I have signed up to. I carry £5 Million pounds professional and public liability insurance.


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