Management Training

• Manage teams effectively
• How to have difficult conversations

• Drive performance and inspire

Our comprehensive management training program is called Inspiring Managers and that's exactly what we do.

Inspiring Managers have:


• Empathy – 40% lower staff turnover

• Excellence – 35% efficiency savings

• Energy – 20% higher productivity

We don’t store memories, we grow them. This course is delivered in person at your office. They are interactive one hour training sessions delivered over eight weeks.


We start with a skills gap analysis and provide a combination of out of the box modules along with tailored coaching. This makes our methodology affordable, tailored and relevant.


Here at Power The Change, we passionately believe you need to nurture learning to really make it stick. It’s powerful because it’s based on how the brain works (neuroscience) and how people behave (behavioural psychology).


The Inspiring Managers Program is dynamic, bitesized training bursts delivered over two months and not the traditional two days.

Our 8 Week Course:


Week 1:

What is an Inspiring Manager: From Apathy to Empathy

Week 2:

Mastering Emotional Intelligence

Week 3:

Focus: Time Management

Week 4:

Meaningful Conversations: 121s, meetings and managing up

Week 5:

Hiring Talent

Week 6:

The Employee Lifecycle

Week 7:

Influence with Impact: Negotiating and Presenting skills

Week 8:

Conscience Leadership, Mindfulness

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