Presentation Skills Training

• Speak with authority

• Create great content

• Learn to influence

You’ll learn how to:


• Create great structure and content

• Influence and make an impact

• Present with confidence


Course includes:


A clear and full itinerary

We’ll take you through how to prepare a professional presentation and deliver it with clarity, credibility and confidence.



You’ll be making a presentation within 5 minutes of starting the course and will continue doing practical exercises rather than being talked at all day.


The handbook gives you a clear and concise reminder of the course like:

• The steps to develop a great presentation structure

• Confidence Coaching and voice and body language training


Being filmed before and after your presentation

It’s really important to capture you before and after training to see the difference that training has made.
This will be available to and you to review after the course. Contact us now.


Course Location

We are based in Camden (address below) and High Holborn but often deliver courses at clients premises.


Why choose Power the Change?

We don’t believe pretending is the best way to connect with an audience so don’t use actors to teach presentation skills. We want you to be authentic and not act. We look to build on your strengths rather than make you into something you’re not.

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